Attention Chiropractors Serving Moms & Babies:

Grow Your Income By Becoming A Board Certified Lactation Consultant

Work less, earn up to $400 per visit, and change more lives.

Already working with moms and babies? Get Paid 3-5x+ More For What You Are ALREADY Doing

  • Sit for your IBCLC Boards (highest level of lactation training)

  • ​Become a Certified Lactation Professional (CLP)

  • Satisfy needed CERPS as a health and wellness hands-on professional

  • Get more patients/clients

  • ​Make a positive difference in your community

I'll show you how to get your 95 credits with online instruction and guidance!

Did you know...

There are multiple levels of lactation consultants?

All lactation consultants are NOT created equal. Anything below "Board Certified" is not recognized by the IBCLE.

As chiropractors, nurses, PTS, OTS, and general health and wellness hands-on professionals we know breastfeeding isn't just latch, it's neurology, structure, AND function.

60% of mothers do not breastfeed for as long as they intend to.

An objective study from the journal of clinical lactation examined new mothers and their intentions in regard to breastfeeding.

Due to the pandemic, only 34% of mothers were breastfeeding with the main reason being that they were not able to find someone to help them!

We can change that!

Completing this training will prepare you to take your IBCLE board!

Invest to become your BEST

I've helped guide 35+ chiropractors through becoming board certified lactation consultants with my certification program. Are you next?

  • Upon completion of this program you will be eligible to sit for your IBCLE board(making you the highest level of lactation consultant possible!)

  • Generate another income stream by offering lactation services online and/or in person

  • ​Signing up an associate, assistant, or enthusiastic mom in your practice adds additional services to your offering

  • Ability to give well-rounded care by treating the root cause of breastfeeding issues

More Than A Certification

REAL Assessments

I will guide you every step of the way, preparing you with assessments, Q&A, and all the support you need to not only get your 95 credits, and pass the board, but also to implement this change in your practice so you can earn up to $400 per visit as a Board Certified Lactation Consultant.

Well-fed Support Group

I will show you how to attract new moms with your new certification. You will be able to serve more families at a greater level and have guidance every step of the way.

Bellies & brews Event

I'll teach you how to host in person workshops.  We provide pregnant moms and their partners with dinner, drinks, and education on how to prepare for the critical first 3 days of breastfeeding.

Meet Your Instructor

Welcome! I'm Dr. Melonie Schoehnerr and I'm so glad you're here.

I'm the founder and owner of the Begin Well Co. where we assure babies are well fed, families are well adjusted, and communities are well supported.

I've been a chiropractor for 9 years and received my IBCLC certification in 2021.

After seeing moms not getting the help they needed, especially during the pandemic when lactation consultants weren't considered critical or essential.

I decided to become a Certified Lactation Educator so I could give other professionals the instruction and hands-on experience that is so critical to being an outstanding lactation expert!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is this course created for?

1) Health and wellness hands-on practitioners and their staff who specifically hope to travel "pathway 1" before taking the IBCLE boards.

2) Anyone looking to satisfy CERP requirements.

How soon can I take my IBCLE board after completing this course?

The IBCLE boards are hosted in April and September.

Can I have a staff member/assistant take this course with me?

Yes! We actually encourage it!  Having an equally educated, designated lactation specialist in your practice is an excellent way to manage patient care. 

Additional Questions? 

Our team is happy to answer questions on a discovery call!

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